Biometric Cards

Financial Safety on your Fingertips

What are Biometric Cards?

Biometric cards are essentially becoming the cornerstone for consumers’ financial safety and authenticity.

A biometric credit or debit card, with an embedded Fingerprint sensor, can verify the user using their fingerprint rather than only a pin.

That means even if you lose your biometric card or somehow your PIN is not secure,

you are protected from any wrongdoing as it is virtually impossible to make any transactions without your biometric authentication.

How do consumers benefit?

- With a fingerprint sensor right on the card body, paying with an EMV card just got easier than ever before:

- With a simple touch, there’s no need to enter a PIN code at any Point-of-Sales (POS) Terminal to perform a payment transaction, both in contact mode and in contactless mode

- Limitless contactless payment transactions! The users are securely authenticated with their fingerprint and can enjoy the convenience of contactless for any amount

- No upgrade is required on the POS, as the biometrics check is directly performed on the EMV biometric card and nowhere else.

Biometric Enrolment: First Step towards Financial Safety

With the rapid adoption of Biometric Cards globally, mobile phones are used as the most convenient & secure way to enrol consumers. Consumers can use their mobile phones to Authenticate & Activate their biometric cards.

At Alpha, we’ve pioneered making intuitive apps on both Android & iPhone platforms that use NFC technology that allow users to enrol their cards in a few simple steps using their smartphones. Trusted by organizations across the globe,we pride ourselves in making path-breaking applications that push the frontiers of Human-Centered-Technology.